Yesterday I added several new crypto social networks to the TOP100 main list on the Levelnaut website. If you look closely at this list today, you will most likely notice some changes.

I want to remind you that there are several dozens of new projects on my waiting list. Among them are very interesting and promising, but I am telling you everything according to plan. Therefore, we have today an overview of the crypto social network with Dutch roots, called Cryptocoinstart.

The name of this project and the functionality of the website leave no doubt that this is a crypto social network – here you can find the possibility of communication between users, timeline with posts and much more that is even difficult to understand right away.

Moreover, Cryptocoinstart is represented by creators as “global crypto social networking platform”. Here you can specify several of your wallets – BTC, ETH, MUXE. But in General settings, for some reason, the Verge wallet is specified.

I understand everything, this is Holland – grass is in free sale there, but sometimes it’s advisable to make breaks and review what was done before smoking. The project started in 2018 and a lot has been done in it. It seems that after each break, it was developed by a new developer.

On the one hand, this is just wonderful – there is such a huge number of all kinds of functions that one can get lost here. On the other hand, it is very difficult to understand for a beginner without a joint, as there is no FAQ on the website at all and in About you can find only two lines pointing that the project is a crypto social network and that’s it.

I have been working with this project for a couple of months now, but so far I haven’t yet understood whether here is a system of rewarding users for their activity or not. Boosters are present, at least there is an Upgrade To Pro button, but for some reason all the packages are offered there only for dollars. The project has no own coin yet, as far as I understood.

In general, on the basis of a two-month dealing with Cryptocoinstart, I can only conclude that the project is very promising and you may join it here, but developers should to put away the grass for a while and decide what they want to present to the crypto world.

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