I just want to warn you – this article is not about the cunning ways of working in crypto social networks. Therefore, if you are looking to learn about fast or magical tools, then do not waste your time, you will not find it here.

Why, then, to write about it? What is the reason to call the article like that? Now I will explain everything. The fact is that many new users of crypto social networks after the first acquaintance with the work of the community begin to realize that this is labour. That is, in order to succeed, as in any other business, you must first learn the “rules of the game” and then invest a sufficient amount of efforts, time and money.

Some people don’t like this idea, they are trying to go the other way. Moreover, sometimes these are people who understand the essence of work on the Internet quite well and even are familiar with coding. Most likely they think they are smarter than everyone else.

They begin to create a large number of personal accounts and try to coordinate their actions, connect a large number of voting bots, create fake accounts, etc. For a while, all this can work.

But if they think that the community does not notice anything, then they are very seriously mistaken. The community sees and understands everything. I don’t even say about creators and developers of projects/ They have much more additional sources of information.

Moreover, over time, the stuntmen themselves begin to realize that everything they do is not so profitable. Such activities also require to keep a serious activity account, which consumes a large amount of time.

Therefore, if you need advice on how to achieve success and good results in crypto social networks, then follow my recommendations.

1. Very carefully study all the “rules of the game”, that is, the system of operation and functional of each crypto social network.

2. Carefully follow all suggestions and analyzes of more experienced users, try to take an active part in all useful initiatives.

3. Use the official boosters and upgrades offered by the system.

Thus is the shortest way to success, and not any other.

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