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I do not know how the future of crypto social networks on Levelnaut will look like in the future, but today I try to do everything to get the most diverse and best projects here. Later we will find out which sites will remain in it, and which ones will fall into other categories or will disappear at all. Therefore, I continue to do reviews and I have at least a few dozen more participants in the queue today.

Today we will visit a crypto social network called BuddyList. In About section of the project we can read as follows: “…Meet People, Make Friends. We honor your freedom of speech here. Buddylist is a alternative to Facebook and lets you stay informed with your friends, family, and groups without censorship of speech. You are welcomed to post status messages, blog articles, and poll/questions…”

Sounds good, doesn’t it? But this, of course, is not everything yet and we are primarily interested in the classical elements of the crypto social network. Now we will talk about them.

Since there is no FAQ on this site, at the moment it is not clear that BuddyList is planning to create a system to reward users for their activity or not. On the other hand, the curatorship system is already present here and you can get Cheers for a well-written post from other users. Some way these Cheers resemble Claps on Medium, as well as the module itself for writing posts. It is possible that it will be on the basis of Cheers that BuddyList will create its own coin, or any of the existing cryptocurrencies will become attached.

BuddyList has an excellent system of communication between users and a convenient unit for adding and searching for new friends.

In any case, I believe that you should join quality projects at the very beginning in order to be aware of the proposals that will appear later. In my opinion, BuddyList is a quality project and it has good prospects, so I added it to the TOP100 list on the Levelnaut website.

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