Dlike about crypto networks. Review 8

I like to do Dlike reviews. Thanks to them, I always find out a lot of interesting things. Sometimes it is difficult to force yourself to engage in the search for “bits of gold”. This activity is a bit like a trip to a flea market. But then, when you find something interesting, it pays for all the efforts.

So it was today. For example, thanks to this review, I learned that Steemit is visited by far more users than the crypto Binance exchange. By the way, thanks to the infographic from the article by user simplymike, which is called “October’s Official Site Traffic List: Steemit is Leading” I learned the following:

“… …Last month’s site stats show that Steemit is ahead of Binance by almost 1.5 million visitors… Steemit is last month’s leader with over 5.6 million monthly visitors to the site…Behind Steemit is Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange platform, with around 4 million monthly visitors… ”

Steemit, ahead of other well-known crypto projects. And it is not surprising, we, dear readers, know the reasons for this success. But we don’t know all yet about the forks of Steemit and about the projects that have emerged thanks to this crypto social network. The dlike user tells about such projects in the article “Why You should Delegate to Dlike”. Here is what he writes:

“…As you know dlike is targeted to make a reddit on blockchain with addition feature and design of pinterest so here is the biggest move to achieve the actual goals of dlike…All delegators enjoy 100% instant bonus tokens on their delegations and daily tokens equal to their delegated SP plus 5% beneficiary rewards (paid every Monday)… ”

Agree that all this sounds very tempting and I myself participate in this delegation. But that is not all. Thanks to the user kyawkyawko and his article “Tron Looks to Decentralize the TRX Network”, I learned the news of the social network Tron. This article states the following:

“…Tron (TRX) is one of the largest and most promising projects in the cryptocurrency space. Although it is a decentralized project, it seems that Tron supporters and developers want to decentralized the network even more… ” But how it actually happens, you better learn by reading this article and many others on dlike.


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