Today I am reviewing an unusual project. This project is positioned as a political social network, which could later become an independent decentralized voting system.

I have been participating in the work of this crypto social network for several months already, since the project is in the Beta version and the registration here is open.

On the one hand, everything is clear here. The idea of ​​the website is simple and interesting. In order to better understand it, watch a short Tutorial. The idea is that each user can show his attitude to any news and click the “Yes” or “No” button, depending on whether he agrees with the article published on the Internet or not.

You can also organize a petition, sign this petition, or vote. Thus, the inhabitants of the planet can influence on events and determine which news is fake, and which is real. And you can act anonymously, or you can do everything under your real name.

This is all about the project idea. As for the other elements of the crypto social network, so far there are a lot of questions. Unfortunately, there is no FAQ section on the site and therefore we have to guess. For example, a system of rewarding users for activity is available here and users not only earn XP points, but also increase the level of participation.

For example, I have there Ambassador level, but what this means is not clear. By the way, soon I will write a detailed post about where I actually am an Ambassador and it will be very interesting to you, dear readers.

The system of curatorship is also present here, and I have already told you about “yes” and “no”. There is no booster system on Allyus yet, as well as in many other new projects. I did not find the referral program either.

Summing up, I want to say that project is quite interesting and over time such websites can significantly change the life of society and contribute a lot to decentralization. Therefore, as always, I recommend joining such projects at an early stage. It is possible that this will also be an additional benefit.

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