Decenturion. The caravan is running

There is such an Eastern proverb and many of you know her well: “The dog is barking, the caravan is coming”. I changed this statement a bit, because something similar happens with the first blockchain-state Decenturion.

Despite numerous obstacles, ill-wishers from some incompetent publications, the actions of fraudsters and the usual philistine envy, the project is confidently moving forward.

A few days ago I received the first assignment for the category of mentors. This happened after my interview with a representative of the Ministry of Education. By the way, I’ll share the insider information – soon the mentors will have their own online accounts and there will be many other new features of the functional.

In addition, as you already know, all the citizens of Decenturion now have the opportunity to withdraw startups tokens to external wallets, and the HotBit exchange has become a new platform for trading DCNT Liquid tokens.

It is also pleasant to realize the fact that the Ministry of Strategic Development has begun its activity. Here were prepared the first recommendations, which began to be implemented into the economic policy of Decenturion.

I would really like those people who share their perverted fantasies on the yellow pages of low-grade crypto press to try to do something like this once in their life. That is why this article is called this way.

I want to remind you that in Decenturion’s doors are open for anyone who wants to change something in this life and remind you the information on obtaining citizenship of the world’s first blockchain state.

Follow the news of the project, dear readers, it is much productive and more positive than seeing only the negative in your life.

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