5 crypto bombs

I’m not going to tell you fairy-tales about some new hyips or projects that bring “giant” profit. In this difficult time for cryptocurrency such articles, I myself would not read. This is ridiculous. But I have to explain why I have chosen this title for the post.

Yesterday, a friend of mine asked me to give him links of websites where he can earn “a lot of crypto for a beginner”. He said: “Give me five crypto bombs for the beginning”. I do not know why right now he is interested in the crypto topic, but I suspect that in the near future there will be many such people.

What could I answer this man? That I myself do not believe in fairy tales? That according to my personal experience there are no any “crypto bombs” at all? That if you get such an offer, then most likely it is a hoax?

I did not dare to disappoint my friend and decided to check very carefully all my archives. It is possible that some of you, dear readers, will also get in such a situation with your friends or relatives. And then you can just give the link to this article.

So, after a serious selection and on the basis of observations over the past few years, I nevertheless selected 5 projects that I am ready to present to you. First, I’ll just call them: 1) adbtc, 2) cryptotab (computta), 3) earncrypto (earn in doges), 4) all “moon” coinpot faicets (or freedog), 5) bitradio. I added the last website in order to make the initial capital not so boring.

If you don’t know where to look for these websites, you can open this link (щк to give your own) https://levelnaut.com/2017/11/09/cryptocurrency-best-projects/ and find them in my collection. But that’s not all, I also want to make a few explanations and recommendations for this small list.

First, I have selected these sites “as if for myself”. I imagined that I wanted to start my journey in the crypto world and so far I have no opportunity for investments. Even in these simple projects, it is important how you use them, how well you study all the possibilities and what level you will achieve there.

Secondly, I do not recommend immediately spending the earned coins. The best solution would be to invest them in any crypto social network and start your activities there. You can even start your blog and describe your daily activities, observations and discoveries. Believe me – all this will come in handy to millions of other novice users soon. Why? This is another question and I will answer it in one of my next posts.

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