BitcoinWallet at my PR laboratory

You will be surprised, dear readers, but today, instead of a review of a crypto social network, you will read a review … a crypto wallet. An interesting beginning of the post, is not it? Why the wallet, and not the exchange, for example?

The fact is that the BitcoinWallet wallet is the real crypto currency network, only this is not for everyone and it does not immediately become clear. To get started, you can follow this link and start registering on this website.

Meanwhile, I will tell you about the reason that I call this project a crypto social network.

Firstly, in this payment system there is an possibility of… adding friends. That is, you can add other users to your account, find other users using Search, and even send them personal messages for 1 satoshi, for example.

Secondly, in spite of the fact that this is a usual, though rather convenient payment service of user-to-user type, there are many other interesting features. Therefore, I strongly recommend reading the FAQ section, which is in the menu of this website.

And then we have a completely different picture. It turns out that this project also has the system for rewarding users for their activity, the system of curatorship and even the system of boosters.

Moreover, you cannot even withdraw your money from File.Army if you do not register in BitcoinWallet. Also, in this case, it will be more problematic for you to go to each next level in File.Army and receive much more money for the downloaded photos. In addition, this project has a very attractive system of bonuses that you will also like.

In conclusion, I want to say that this is an unusual and very interesting project. Therefore, I recommend to get to know it more closely and explore all the opportunities provided on the website.

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