Today we have a very interesting topic for discussion. Power delegation as a tool for working in crypto social networks is a very promising direction. Unfortunately, this type of investment is only now beginning to actively develop and not in many social networks.

I often communicate with admins and developers of many projects and want to share insider information. Soon, delegation will become a common element in almost all crypto social networks. Or at least in those that follow steemit models. And this model is the most advantageous to date.

As practice shows, the need for such an element only increases. Not every user today can afford to be engaged in active curatorship and for a long time. Therefore, you can name delegation “basic income” or “big booster”, or you can simply consider it as a passive income. The essence of the process will not change. In fact, you simply transfer part of the power of your account in the crypto social network to another user for posts curation. This is the essence of delegation.

In other words, you can name it the rental capacity of the account. However, this is already quite familiar to you, many of you use boosters in crypto social networks. As a regular user, you can use the booster every time you need to increase the influence of the post you are publishing and, accordingly, get more profit. But for the use of the booster you need to pay and all the prices for boosters are different.

At the same time, if you already have a sufficiently large account power, then you can delegate it to larger projects – collective boosters, for which a special functionality has been developed. These are projects such as Minnowbooster (Steemit), Dobryj Kit (Golos) and some others. You can also delegate account power to special applications, such as DLike or DClick (Steemit), which will soon become independent crypto social networks.

Conclusion. If you already have a serious account power, then do not rush to change it to coins. Better explore all the opportunities offered by the crypto social network and invest using delegation. One more thing. It is for this reason, I believe that those “commercial” social networks that offer “buy a package” immediately after registration are much less attractive and are likely to disappear from the market along with your money soon. It’s just a completely different approach to business and a completely different work tool.


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