Crypto Networks Stock Exchange

This is one of my new ideas and I plan to place it in the crypto social network Fundition. But now I want to share with you, dear readers, some thoughts and tell you exactly what the main point of the project is.

So, the project can be called whatever you like, for example CryptoSocio or something else, I don’t care. This is not so important. If the name will reflect the basic meaning of the project, then this is only a plus.

I would like to talk about exchane cryptocurrency which is used only in crypto social networks. In other words, this project can be called – exchange of coins of crypto social networks.

The fact is that such a service today is needed not only by crypto bloggers, but also by crypto investors. Today, many people are becoming aware of the fact that the crypto coins of social networks are in essence the same as stablebcoins and begin to invest actively more in the crypto social networks.

This is understandable, because when there are hundreds of thousands or even millions of users behind the project, it is much more difficult to manipulate it. I don’t even say about closing the project. First of all, I mean those crypto social networks that are built using the blockchain technology.

To date, in the list of CoinCapMarket, you can already find dozens of such coins that you can buy, sell and exchange.

A logical question arises – why not create a specialized exchange for the crypto social networks only? You can, of course, add btc and eth here, among other cryptocurrency. But this will be quite enough.

In my opinion, such a service will be very much in demand and I will be the first to actively promote it. What do you think about this? Thanks for your comments.


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