Bitcoin. Purification of tourists

Bitcoin continues to fall, and it seems to me that I alone (at least of my crypto friends) sincerely enjoy this event. Of course, they are very surprised at my position and even get angry with me, not trying to understand what is actually happening. Therefore, I will now explain this to all of them, as well as to you, dear readers.

The phenomenon that is happening now on the crypto market is called by some of the reputable sepalists “the purification of tourists.” And I absolutely agree with them. That is why I don’t explain to anyone why there is such a fall now and I don’t tell anything about the history of bitcoin. By the way, if you look at the graphs of Bitcoin development, then a lot becomes clear.

Bankers, taking advantage of the moment, once again rush to call Bitcoin “fun for geeks”. And it makes me laugh. They call a fall the price of 3000 dollars?? I have news for you, friends. If the dollar fell as much as bitcoin fell in the last year, the streets of large cities would be covered with the corpses of suicide bankers as they were covered with corpses in Europe during the plague epidemic. Sorry for such a comparison, but it is at least very visual.

What is the “purification of tourists”? This is a common phenomenon, that’s what I tell you, but real tourists have nothing to do with it. This is just cleaning the industry and the market from random people who came here for a short time. This is a clearing of those who seek instant profit, fabulous, easy and momental profits. This is clearing of fraudsters and robbers, from those who do not care about the future of all mankind.

Speaking of the future. Are you still sure that the future of mankind is fiat? Then I have another news for you. Take a look, take a good look around. Don’t you see that blockchain and bitcoin are already parts of our life? By the way, bankers have already understood this perfectly well and a long time ago and they too are happy about the fall of Bitcoin. But they have other reasons for joy. Big capital is preparing to buy all the best in the world of crypto as far as possible. And this is also not a secret, since almost in every big bank there is a special department to study and work with blockchain technologies.

In this article I am not going to convince anyone of anything. I believe that those people who believe in a crypto, in Bitcoin, in decentralization, should be in the vanguard of society and then get what they must get. Well, if you are frightened by the fall of Bitcoin, then there is always a wonderful way out – you can sell, for example, hours of your life to the big owners of fiat for cheap. Just remember that this has nothing to do with the Future. This is Past.

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