Dlike about crypto networks. Review 10

I can’t even believe that today we already have 10th review of interesting materials that were published in the crypto social network Dlike and which were find by the key requests “network” and “community”.

Nevertheless, this is the case, and I begin today’s review with an article by a vimukthi user called “Some Ideas from the Web3 Summit 2018 SafeNetwork”. It is always interesting to listen to people who were participants of interesting events.

This is what this Dlike user writes in his report: “…There’s a saying that history never repeats itself — but it does rhyme. And as I return from the inaugural Web3 Summit in Berlin — a gathering of projects and innovators who are all working on driving forwards this new concept of Web3 — it seems more relevant than ever before… ”

I can only imagine how many interesting things there were at this meeting, since the article lists only the most basic points. But in the article by user nyuntwin “Why the TRON Community Believes Bakkt Should Consider TRX”, not only official materials, but even some official tweets are analyzed.

Here’s what the author writes: “…TRON Community Reaches Out to Bakkt
The last statement in the tweet by Bakkt clearly states that they will consider additional contracts as the landscape evolves and as they receive additional customer feedback…

…It is with this tweet that prominent Tron Community member Misha Lederman, took this a sign to write a letter to Bakkt on behalf of the Tron Community explaining why the Wall Street firm should consider TRX… ”

No less interesting events are now going on in Africa, where the Community Network model is gaining momentum. Interesting facts are reported by the user gentmartin in the article “Community Networks Development Support Project – Africa Internet Society” about this.

In particular, he writes the following “……The Internet Society, Africa Regional Bureau, is seeking to support existing Community Networks in Africa with their 2018 development activities…

…Community Networks are usually built and operated by citizens, in their village, city or town, to meet their communication needs. The Community Network model is a complementary solution to connect the unconnected in underserved areas… ”

Thus, after reading all mentioned above, the following conclusions can be made: great attention is paid to network security today, TRON continues to show its ambitions, and Africa will soon add a huge number of new users to social networks.


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