This is a bit strange, of course. I had to write my first review about this crypto social network, but for some reason this did not happen. Most likely I perceived Steemit as something that exists forever. But in fact, Steemit is just preparing to celebrate its third birthday.

For two and a half years I have been working with this project and I can only say good things about it. Steemit is a real leader, a project that hundreds of others follow today and thousands will follow tomorrow.

Personally, I consider Steemit as a blockchain-state, in which citizens live and work, whom we already call steemians.

By the way, I am sure that in the future the borders between real states will disappear and they will be united only by virtual blockchain-states such as Decenturion, Bitnation, Enpowr and many others that already exist today.

Modern Steemit is the main school for many newbies, for those who are just starting their way to crypto blogging, crypto networking and crypto investing.

This is a real decentralized empire, in which there is a huge number of independent projects and applications. The Steemit model is used today by many followers and a large group of steemit-like crypto social networks has already appeared.

This model is quite successful and, therefore, in many other crypto networks we have the system of rewarding users for activity, curatorship systems, buster systems, and of course, their own coin.

I don’t know what investors are thinking about, but in my opinion Steemit tokens are the first thing that absolutely all people should invest in. Today – it is already obvious that investing in Steemit is like investing in Microsoft or Apple at an early stage.

In conclusion, I want to say only one thing: today Steemit is already a classic, this is something without which I can’t imagine the modern Internet. It was a strange review – nothing concrete, but only excitement and exaltation. But believe me, Steemit deserves it all.

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