To be a Crypto Ambassador

What do you think, dear readers, what does it mean to be a Crypto Ambassador? I do not want to quote Wikipedia now and give an official definition of the term Ambassador. In simple terms, this is a representative of something. In international relations, the Ambassador is the official representative of a country; in the crypto world, it is something else. And today I will tell you a little about my personal experience.

In the crypto world, the Ambassador is not necessarily the official representative of the project. You can consider yourself an ambassador and promote this project anywhere, even offline. The main thing is that you like this project and that you are familiar with it.

And now I will tell you about my experience in this matter. I am primarily interested in online states, since I believe that they will replace the completely rotten, corrupt and outdated form of relations in the real world. It is for this reason that a few years ago I became the official representative of the online state of Wirtland in Israel. By the way, so far no one has fired me from this post, but deep down I hope that someday this project will also move to the blockchain platform.

In short, today I have also been the ambassador of the online state Bitnation, media representative of Decenturion, etc.

You are, of course, interested in payment. But here I have to disappoint you. The official concept of “salary” of an ambassador does not exist in many projects. But trust my experience, project creators and developers will always find a way to thank you for helping with the promotion.

In conclusion, I want to reiterate that in the crypto world you should not wait for someone to offer you to become an ambassador. The initiative can also come from you. The main thing is that you like this business. And the profit will find you, you can not even doubt it.

Now I myself am the CEO of the blockchain state Elven Land. And we already have a network of crypto ambassadors around the world. But we are ready to cooperate with many more ambassadors, since according to our plan there should be at least 700 of them.

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