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Yesterday, when I talked about the projects in which I am an ambassador, I touched on one very interesting topic and I want to continue it today. We will talk about online and blockchain states. I even had an idea to make a map of these states, but I will tell you about it another time.

So, I am absolutely sure that the online and blockchain states will replace the existing real state systems. In order to understand this – take one simple step – put your television in the trash and then your brains will begin to return to normal. I did it in 2006 and since then I feel perfectly.

The fact is that TV is a tool (paid by you!) to promote the now absolutely corrupt, absolutely rotten and absolutely outdated state systems. Most of them today can be easily replaced using blockchain technology.

Online and blockchain states can easily replace the existing management system, in those matters when it will be necessary to find out public opinion on any issue. Decentralization can not only seriously advance society, but also make politicians adequate and return them to their families.

What is happening in the market today? According to my calculations, there are already a few dozen projects in the world today that are either online or blockchain states, or could become such in the near future.

Along with well-known projects, such as Decenturion, Bitnation, Enpowr, Freeland, Liberland and others, there are many projects about which many users have not even heard. For example, what do you know about projects Arctida, Westarctica or SovietLand? Even in Wikipedia such projects – several dozen. In addition, existing online states, such as Wirtland, for example, could also switch to the blockchain platform. A little later, I will continue the list that is at the bottom of this page or even make a separate page for similar projects.

well, and finally, steemians could also organize their blockchain-state, in which people would not be divided by nationality, by religion or by social status. And I also like the fact that Steemit already has such a concept as the reputation of users. By the way, this very public reputation system is being successfully implemented in China today.

Of course, we will continue to discuss this topic and this is only the beginning. I hope you, dear readers, it will be interesting.

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