Today I want to eliminate another gap in my reviews. The fact is that Golos, as well as Steemit, did not get into the reviews on the Levelnaut website. A few days ago, Steemit was reviewed, and now it’s finally the turn for the review of Golos.

In this review, I want first of all to point out the positive aspects of today’s Golos. It has changed a lot for the better, especially recently. Now this is a very modern crypto social network with its own face and its creative team.

Golos is confidently moving forward and I will tell you a secret, tomorrow in the TOP10 of crypto social networks for November 2018 – this website will be on one of the highest positions. Today I am very pleased with Golos and I am happy to work with this project. But…

Now I want to remember the time when the project was first created and discussed. I was one of those who were skeptical about the creation of a “exclusively Russian-speaking” crypto social network. I really didn’t like this idea and today I still treat it extremely negatively.

I work with all the crypto social networks in the world and understand the mechanisms of success well. I can share with you, dear readers, one very important observation. Today, no crypto social network will be successful if it is limited to one state, one national or language group. The modern world is no longer the same as it was in the era of the creation of the Internet.

If you tell me that in Russia there are few people who speak English, it will be just ridiculous. I meet Russian-speaking people in absolutely all crypto social networks, there are a lot of them among developers and CEOs of (foreign !!!) projects.

Therefore, in my opinion, for complete success, Golos should go to the international level and at least add English terms to the functionality. Therefore, I will publish there my posts in Russian and in English and invite all my friends and subscribers, who are more than 100K worldwide, to publish more of their materials on, in this very decent and interesting crypto social network.

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