Crypto Networks. Top December, 2018

This TOP10 of crypto social network is the last in this year, the next will be published on January 1, 2019. And if we compare it with the last rating of the past year, we can say that these are two completely different lists.

Last year, with great difficulty, I managed to collect ten projects for the rating. In the last ranking of this year there are already a hundred participants, and the first 20 are very good and very high-quality crypto social networks.

This is also the last rating, which is based on my personal opinion. Other authors and experts of who will begin their active work will take part in compiling the next rating too.

By the way, if you want to become one of the members of our community and one of the authors, you can find relevant information at one of the banners of our website. As for the rating, in December 2018 it can look like this:


In addition, at least ten or even more projects can be easily added to this list, such as: Bearshares, Empowr, Dream-Real, Sapien, Sola, Monoreto, Cryptosocial, Scorum, Sociall, Sphere and some others.

Steemit last month reduced salaries to 70% to its employees, and Golos, on the contrary, added new employees and completely or partially changed the design and functionality of the site.

Minds is still a strong leader in the list of crypto social networks and successfully competes with the traditional network Facebook. As for the appearance in the upper part of Whaleshares and Smoke, the growth of these projects is obvious, and the creativity of the teams leaves no doubt.

I also want to remind that more information can be found here on the Levelnaut website. Also here you can find a list of potential crypto social networks, which contains about two hundred more projects of this type.

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