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If you are starting a serious business in the cryptocurrency world, then you need services for promotion. We have already discussed this topic, but from another point. We talked about the fact that you need new partners, referrals, followers or subscribers.

This is absolutely true. The fact is that even if you want to share with the world very interesting information, observations or impressions of your activities in the crypto world, it is necessary that someone read you. Otherwise, your motivation will drop to zero.

It often happens that your relatives and friends, which do not understand what you are doing at all. As a rule, they are “TV people” who sell the hours of their lives for pennies to more successful citizens. They are not interested in the future and they do not worry about the fact that once fiat will be replaced by cryptocurrency. Similarly, they will sell their lives for Satoshi. They are quite happy with it.

In the crypto world, it is very important that someone hears you, appreciates what you are doing, gives you moral support or advises a shorter and more interesting way to promote.

In addition, when you have a large number of followers, you will have completely different opportunities for making cryptocurrency and you will have to leave out the question of “where to find a job”. I know that for sure.

You already know this link well where the services for promotion are indicated. In this list some very interesting and promising services have been added, such as: Vtope, AddMeFast, Liketime, Rotate4all and Socialtraffic.

I had an idea to make a rating of similar projects and expand this list. But I will write about this some other time. And today, just use my recommendations, if you need them.

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