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I continue my long marathon of reviews of crypto social networks and I can not say that I am saddened by a large number of them. The more projects, the easier it is to select from them those that are useful for work and for creating passive crypto income. I want to remind you, dear readers, that this is my ultimate goal.

The most safe option for getting into the main list of crypto social networks on Levelnaut.com have projects of the so-called steemit-like group. In their work, they use the functionality and principles that have already been successfully worked out in the crypto social network Steemit. And Steemit, as is known, is one of the market leaders and practically all new crypto networks are guided by this project.

Thus, in Bearshares we have the same system of rewarding users for their activity and curatorship system. At the moment I have not found any boosters, no delegation or the ability to upgrade an account. But as we already know well, all this will appear in the future.

All steemit-like projects almost never have partner programs, so there is none in Bearshares either. But Bearshares has its own coin, which is called Bears. Power can be bought after a personal appeal to the administration using a special Google form, but I think that this will change soon and there will be a more convenient way.

I closely follow the work of the project administration with the help of Discord and I can say that the creators and developers are very concerned about the success of this project. Therefore, I recommend joining this crypto social network at the very beginning of its development. You will need some patience to register, but it will anyway happen soon.

As always, I will be happy for your comments, and if you have questions, you can ask them here or find the answers yourself using banners on the Levelnaut website. Good luck to you in Bearshares.

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