Dlike about crypto networks. Review 11

We continue to follow the most interesting events in the crypto social networks with the help of the Dlike project. Dlike is the application of Steemit, which next year will become a completely independent social network. As you already know, this is also a very convenient service for saving materials that you liked the most.

I do reviews of all those posts and articles that concern crypto social networks. The first such article is called “How I, thanks to Steemit, made money and bought Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Mobile”.

Its author, user elyas, shares his successful earning experience and writes the following: “… …Buy mobile at steemit’s money Real. This is the first time I’ve been earning from online and filled my first wish. I am very glad to meet my first wish. So I shared with you. I bought Samsung galaxy J7 Prime handset. The desire was to buy better quality but I did not wait and bought quickly. If waiting for 2-3 days, I could buy a handset better. I could not keep my joy long in time, I shared among you. sort…”

No doubts, it is very pleasant to read such feedbacks. Also interesting information was shared by the user shs1 in the article “Expecting 400% Growth in Dapps on Tron Network Next Month”

This article states the following: “…The 12th largest cryptocurrency Tron is making a lot of headway when it comes to Dapps as it accounts for 20+ with the number of Dapp users increasing as well on its network while expecting 80+ more in next month, as per CEO Justin Sun…”

And another interesting topic for our review raises the user nyuntwin in the article “Quantum Computers Can Pose A Risk To Blockchain Technology”. That’s what this article says: “…Although blockchain networks are designed to be secure, immutable, and tamper-proof, a new research paper from Cornell University found that blockchain networks are, however, susceptible to attack by a sufficiently large quantum computer. According to an article published by Gizmodo on November 21, 2018, there is a growing concern that… ”

Agree that this topic is very interesting and it is likely to be very relevant in the near future. And thanks to the Dlike project, we can pay attention to such articles and materials.


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