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Yesterday I promised that today I will review the new project from the so-called Steemit-like group. You should understand that this is a nominal name, I came up with it for my own convenience. But it is quite possible that you are also more aware of what type of project we are talking about.

So today we will discuss the Coinclub crypto social network. In fact, this project is much more than just a social network. Community is only a part of Coinclub. But this part deserves a separate review

First of all, let’s note the fact that there are all the necessary elements of a “classic crypto social network”. The project was created using the blockchain technology, here the is a system of rewarding users for their activity and curatorship system. It is possible that in the future there will be boosters too.

For their activity, users receive the CCU token and on the project website, besides the main ways of earning, there are others. Pay attention to the Bonus button and try to participate in all contests and promotions, now you have a great chance to earn more coins.

Referral program is currently available here, you can follow the link or simply use the WCY2JO code for registration. I am not sure that this possibility will be present in the future, but so far it is not necessary to use all the offers.

Pay attention to the tags, they will be useful to you so that your publications will quickly find readers and subscribers.

I want to remind you that my article yesterday was addressed to the “early birds” who win. I hope you remember that you, dear readers, need to hurry in order to achieve serious results in the crypto social networks. I wish you only good luck in this business.

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