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If you are upset by the red color in the cryptocurrency rating, then try not to concentrate on the negative. The best solution in this situation is to do all the usual things and not to panic. Finally bad periods come to an end and and much more important is your preparation to good ones.

It is for this reason that all Decenturion Ministries actively hold online meetings with citizens, where they report on the work done and share new plans.

For example, the Ministry of Finance reported the news about the withdrawal of tokens to external wallets. Here is what the official press-release says about this: “… The citizens of Decenturion have been given an option to withdraw DCNT Liquid and startups tokens to an external wallet with support for the ERC20 (Ethereum) protocol from their personal account. A technical commission of 0.0025 ETH is charged for a transaction of tokens to an external wallet. To pay the commission, the DCNT wallet in your personal account must be replenished with a sufficient amount of Ethereum (ETH)… ”

There are also a lot of news in the Ministry of Labor, which is mainly connected with finding new employees for key positions. Here it is. for example, one of the most recent vacancies “… The Ministry of Labor is recruiting into the initiative group of its ministry.
Tasks for areas of work:
1. Methodology- paperwork
2. Development of spheres for the earnings of citizens of DC
3. Development of social programs Decenturion

All those who wish to take part in the work of the initiative group will receive a proposal after passing a survey on this topic on the channel of the Ministry of Labor of Decenturion @decenturionjob … ”

There are many other vacancies in this ministry, so you can also contact the address provided.

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