Your Life Levels

I have been waiting long time for the right moment to start this project. And now, finally, the idea has been fully formed, and with great pleasure I want to present it to you, dear readers.

The fact is that very often we do not understand who is on the other side of the computer or mobile phone screen. We have a bad idea of ​​people who invent, create, develop and promote crypto social networks.

As you already know, I personally know many representatives of this part of the Internet, so I will invite them one by one to one very interesting place called Devs’ Bar (Developers’ Bar).

The entry to this bar is located in the menu, right below the Home button on Levelnaut.com, and any of you can find out about my virtual meeting with members of crypto social networking teams in this virtual bar.

Guests will be asked only three questions:

– What do you prefer?
(In response to this question, you can not only share your preferences, but also tell a few words about yourself)

– What’s up?
(Tell us about how things are going in your project – how you see it from the team of developers)

– What shall we drink to?
(Tell us about your future plans, share exclusive news or even dreams)

And of course, if the guests share with me some of their photos, then you can also see them right on this page, as well as their answers to the questions.

Well, and guests, in order to get to the Devs ‘Bar, simply write to the email address boris.siomin@gmail.com one phrase: “Waiting for an invitation to Devs’ Bar!”

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