I am Mashell Chapeyama, an author of Levelnaut.com. I am a writer interested in self-development issues as well as business. As a result, I have developed a genuine interest in cryptocurrencies, as they are shaping the economic strands of the world. The future of mankind may be greatly shaped by the development of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The change in technology requires us all to embrace the ever-changing environment, with the view of changing our circumstances and those of others. Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain are likely to lead to a higher standard of living if the current trends are to go by. Unfortunately, those who choose to stay behind may be disadvantaged for a long time.

Thus my main reason for being a Levelnaut author is to spread the knowledge of crypto social currencies with the intention of helping others to gain a better insight and thereby act accordingly. However, each one of us has the capacity to choose how to act and develop. My articles will definitely help you if you want to make a breakthrough in the understanding of cryptocurrencies. Levelnaut, in general, is rich with cryptosocial projects, that can benefit you and everyone else. cryptosocial relates to activities in which people participate and freely earn some cryptocurrencies, which they can sell.

I have a number of programs that I encourage interested people to look at in order to appreciate the dynamics and extent of the crypto world and block chains. The listed sites deal directly or indirectly with cryptocurrencies and the blockchain.

The programs that I include here share part of their revenue with the users. The proportion of the revenue that each site pays differ. It is important now that you assess individually how each program distributes its profits to its users.

My links in crypto social networks

Omnibazzar and Empowr offer marketplaces where you buy and sell your products and services. They operate like Amazon and ClickBank, but operate referral systems. You are also paid for just participating.



The following sites are social sites, where people earn for participation and blogging. By simply commenting, the way we do on Facebook and Twitter, we earn.










The following sites when you are involved in buying or selling cryptocurrencies. You benefit the most if you join their referral system. LocalEthereum is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading site whereas Payeer, is an exchange that pays for referring others. They pay really good if one finds referrals.