The Goal – 1000 coins

I am often asked this question: “What is the first goal to set in order to achieve success in crypto social networks?” I understand the reason for such questions. You need landmarks and milestones. It is right. Now I will explain why the name of this article is so strange.

You made the right decision. You do not want to count on Basic Income, as it is not known when it will be implemented everywhere in the world. You also do not count on pension, since in the near future there will be no such thing at all.

This is all correct. You also do not know how to succeed in the cryptocurrency business – it is incomprehensible, difficult, and everyone around them says that “bitcoin is falling”. This is also quite familiar to me. But at the level of intuition, you understand that you need to move in the direction of the collective mind, in the direction of those people who analyze, communicate and are already doing something useful for the future.

This is how you find yourself in crypto social networks. And this is also very correct. Now you need a goal. It can be any. To begin with, try to earn at least 1000 coins in each of my list of TOP100 crypto social networks. Even in today’s most pessimistic course, this will be a very good airbag for the future.

Social networks are not so easy to destroy, they are reliable and very promising, unlike all other services on the Internet. Even a meaningless Facebook looks today unsinkable and earns Mark Zuckerberg, with your help of course, a lot of money.

What? You do not know how to write texts and take photos? It absolutely does not matter and this is the main advantage of crypto social networks. Even if you are just a good liker, that is, you know how to select interesting content and thereby contribute to the development of the curatorship system, you can earn this money even faster than crypto bloggers.

This page will help you here it will help if you have any questions. Remember that you always have a choice. At least you can do something or not do anything. It is exactly the second decision that the nearest to your home bank is counting on.

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