Where to earn cryptocurrency?

Many people fail to start flourishing online businesses because of the cost of investment. However, there are opportunities that require only investment in internet fees, effort and time. In my other posts I have talked about a lot of these programs. Refresh your memory by reading the following:

Crypto social programs- best for you

The focus today is on how someone can earn by participation in social activities. As you may know, among the richest companies doing business on the internet are social businesses, such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked in. These companies simply benefit from what people do on these sites.

They do not pay the participants, who are you and me, among many others. Now, innovation has led to the creation of internet social organisations that pass part of its revenue to the participants. So, people are paid for doing the things that they normally do on other social sites.

This is a form of profit sharing with their users. People are therefore paid for participation. Daily logging in and performing a few activities per day results in personal generation of revenue.

Referring others to the site brings greater benefits. In this discussion I will focus shortly on just one of these organisations. You will benefit by visiting back here and get more information on a myriad of other such social sites.


Empowr is a social site that pays people for their participation on their site. You do not need to pay any money to start, you simply join. You are paid for the content you put on the platform. The content is so simple that anyone can do that.

If you can post on Twitter and Facebook, then you can post on Empowr. You can put videos, photos, pictures, quotes and memes, among others. Its members are referred to as citizens, because empowr views itself as a global economy. All citizens of the world are free to be members.

It is an economy because there is a vibrant marketplace for thousands and thousands of goods and services. You do not need to buy these goods using your local currency. You pay using the currency of empowr, called empowr coin (EMPR). The empowr coin is an ERC20 coin, based on the ethereum blockchain technology.

How do you earn at Empowr?

You earn through sharing and posting articles, pictures, videos etc,
You buy sell goods in the marketplace. Both the seller and the buyer get paid.

You can write and sell premium blogs.

You can teach others how to be successful in life and at empowr.

You can trade in cryptocurrency exchange and profit from that.

Empowr teaches you how to trade. With other online organisation you pay to be taught how to trade. But with empowr you are paid for being taught how to trade and do other things.

Just with empowr as an online business you can earn a living.
Empowr is about empowering the people of the world. Its aim is to enable average citizens of the world to earn about $25 per day by the year 2025. This is an ambitious global player.

If you want to break into the internet business easily you may need to consider empowr. All necessary links you may find find at my personal page on this website.

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