Hello friends, I finally decided to write an article. To begin with, I began my acquaintance with cryptocurrency from participating in Bounty campaigns. I spent enough time on them and soon began to look for more and more information about the blockchain and cryptocurrency, and I don’t remember how I came across https://levelnaut.com and met its creator Boris and many thanks to him for interesting and informative material.

So, I began my acquaintance with cryptomere with bounty campaigns, that is, I advertised new campaigns through my traditional social networks and I was paid with tokens of these projects, and so SphereSocial was one of these projects. Honestly, at first I didn’t know what I was doing because I didn’t hear about crypto-social networks, but I advertised and I was credited with several tens of thousands of SATs in my personal account. Soon there was a rumor that this is SCAM and I abandoned this project.

Thanks to Boris that he made a review of this network and informed all of us that the project had earned, as I was transferred the tokens to my wallet and I am now a user of this network.

The project is very interesting and even has a mobile application, which speaks about its comprehensive development. There are already over 500,000 users online and the team is working on improvements. The SAT Token is traded on the exchange, but they can be purchased on the page itself using the PayPal payment system.

Users are rewarded for their activity, e for likes, reposts and writing articles, there is a supervision system so you can safely become a participant in this project and earn SAT, and this is my link https://sphere.social/hello/- Emin90 and anyone can subscribe to me.

Each time there are more crypto networks, so join and do not miss your opportunities to become part of large projects and earn tokens.

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