News Channels of Decenturion

Despite the fact that the state of the cryptocurrency market is not very positive, the statistics say quite the opposite. According to the latest reports published recently in Internet, the common number of crypto users has doubled, and the number of transactions carried out on the network has increased significantly.

It speaks only about one thing – whether you want it or not, this financial area is becoming very popular.

In this regard, Internet users are increasingly having questions regarding the first blockchain state Decenturion.

The Ministry of Information Decenturion is making every effort to ensure that people learn about this project. That is why, quite recently, several new Telegram information channels were created.

In addition to the already existing Russian (DCNTnews) and English (DCNewsEn) news channels, you can now join the Italian (DCNewsItaly), Spanish (DCNewsSpain) and Portuguese (DCNewsBrazil) versions. In the near future it is planned to organize broadcasting in other languages ​​of the world.

Nowadays, it is very important to get first-hand information. This is especially true of the crypto world, where the situation changes almost daily. And you, dear readers, now have a great opportunity to follow the most important events taking place in the blockchain-state Decenturion in different languages ​​of the world.

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