Human kind have come up with a diversity of life changing innovations. Well-known inventions include the aeroplane, the telephone, vehicles and electricity among many more. Probably the most revolutionising invention has been the internet. Technology brought changes in livelihood. When I was at school I got terrified when we learnt that technology has led to loss of many jobs. A few years ago I lost my job, where I worked in senior management; the company I worked for was rationalising its operations. I was terrified and became hopeless. Over the twenty or so years I worked, I did not upgrade my qualifications much. When I lost my job, I could not compete in the current employment environment. That is when I chose to be involved in internet business. The point here is that we should leverage on technology in order to survive. We have to overcome conservative mentalities to make use of the evolving business environment. Things that people used to do for free, for example, are now a source of livelihood. One such opportunity is the internet search field. What an amazing shift?

If you did not know, then this is the time for you to know that you can earn for searching information on search engine. Internet searching is the gateway to accessing enormous information. Business people, writers, students and government officials are spending a lot of time on the internet, facilitating businesses, creating social links and communicating. In the past people used to do this and benefit only from the information they get. Now we can benefit from the information and a reward, in form of crypto coins. The time and effort you spend searching is now a source of income. This is not surprising, knowing that people are now paid for socializing on social media. People are now paid for selling their goods and services on internet marketplaces such as Empowr and Omnibazaar. There have been a few search engines that paid for searching. We know of Swagbuck having been the leader in this area for a long time.

However, what has been the motive behind the introduction of the paid-for-searching search engines. One of the motive is for breaking dominance in the information sharing field.  For many years now Google has been the leading search engine, having an estimated market share of 70%. Bing and Yahoo, for example tried to compete with Google, but have not evolved into its strong competitors. In order to break this dominance a popular search engine Presearch has come on the field. In a bid to challenge the dominance of Google, it has evolved into a community based search engine. It is community based in the sense that it gets ideas from a large audience of its members. And to motivate people to participate and to be active, it is leveraged on the blockchain model. It pays tokens to all its early adopters. Those who participate in research now and those who refer others to, get paid in crypto coins.

One motive for Presearch is to wrestle the power and influence of Google in the information industry. It makes sense, considering that competition brings efficiency to businesses. The world is trying to run away from totalitarianism (dominance) towards citizen participation (democracy). Google on its own is a centralised search engine and Presearch is venturing into decentralisation, which is a diametrically different model of business, making use of the evolved business model, hinged on cryptocurrencies. Power and focus has to be in the hands of majority. As, you may know, most cryptocurrencies are decentralised and people owned. When I say people owned, it means cryptocurrencies are not owned by any government or any individual. They are a form of currency that are owned by citizens of the world. What does decentralisation mean, after all? It is the process where functions, powers and authorities are shared among many people, rather than being controlled by a few. Presearch is decentralised because it is based on the use of blockchain application and distributed technologies that make use of peer-to-peer networks, working collectively to provide information service.

With the change in the way business is done, we can conclude that the world requires people centred or community based search engines. This is in line with the political model of democracy and the social philosophy of respect for individuals and human rights. This is the wind of change, sweeping across the entire world, from one fabric of the society to one another.

Having discussed the philosophy and motive behind Presearch, it will suffice to point that anyone, you and me can be part of this innovation.  As a student, researcher, teacher, government official etc., you can leverage your presence on the internet and earn through participation in information search. More details on how the Presearch tokens are faring can be obtained on Coinmarketcap.


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