Internet business has diversified greatly recently, with new ways to earn emerging. People can earn from crypto mining, faucets and advertising among many others. They are paid in various cryptocurrencies, among them bitcoins, ripple and ethereum. Doing some of these tasks in order to be paid maybe tiresome.  However, now there are also funny and interesting ways of earning cryptocurrencies without any investment. We can now earn cryptocurrencies by playing games. There are various types of games one can find online, and the choice is yours. Some of these games are played on the computer and some on smart phones. There are trading, mining, quiz and flash games. There are also casinos that people enjoy playing and earning at the same time. In this article, we will focus on a few of these games and it is a personal onus to search for more.

There are many spinning games on the internet. By spinning one has a possibility of winning bitcoins or ethereum or any other type of coins. This is a common type of game and many people enjoy playing. Some of these games include the component of betting. Many of these sites also have referral programs.

Apart from spinning games there are also quiz games. With these games, you are asked various types of quiz questions which you are required to answer within a given time period. Usually the questions are interesting, although challenging. When you successfully answer puzzles or riddles you earn some crypto coins. With some of the quizzes, you have any option to choose the area in which you get the questions. There may be categories such as Science, Geography and Technology, among others. Thus a person can choose the category of quizzes to participate in. With this type of games, apart from the funny, you benefit from keeping your mind active and occupied. SatoshiQuiz is just one example of a website that pays people crypto coins for their participation in quiz games.

The other popular type of game is simulated trading. In this game people simulate how to trade. They are involved in predicting the trends of certain cryptocurrencies. This can also involve the simulation of crypto market or fiat currency trading. If a person predicts and unlocks more currency trends he/she earns more. The amount of coins one wins depends on their wizardry in the trading game. SparkProfit is a popular game. One interesting thing about the trading game is that a person really acquires trading knowledge and skills from the game. With time people who play such games translate their skills in real life situation and become traders on cryptocurrency markets or exchanges.


This article has just acted as an eye-opener on the potential earning provided on online. Some websites can even allow individuals to create their own games. In some cases, players can form their own leagues and challenge one another, making the gaming process interesting. Thus, there are a lot of adventuresome games where players earn. It is now time to join the social revolution, where one plays and earns.

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