Effective marketing critical for success in the crypto social business


The internet is flooded with many business opportunity, some real some purported. Taking part in a certain crypto website without making concerted effort to market it will not produce the best results.  For someone to earn a decent income in the crypto business, one should do two main activities, participation on the site and marketing it. This is because earning online depends on having many followers and supporters on whatever site you are working on. Probably, the greatest share of your income comes from the referral system. With the referral system we source people to join the business and for each person that join due to your invitation you are paid a commission from his or her earning. From my own experience referral commission should be your greatest way to earn. In the affiliate business we say traffic is the source of revenue. With no people coming to the website there is less activity and less revenue generation. To reach a wider audience and generate interest, as a marketer one has to comply with certain guidelines and ethical practices. Unfortunately, many people take short cut that are short-orientated rather than long term focused.


The fulcrum of a strong marketing campaign is clear and open communication to the potential client. Since the crypto world is filled with many fake businesses and many genuine ones, a marketer needs to send a clear message that his/her business is the best. The message should create differentiation with other online business and should attract genuine interest. Putting, false claims and unsubstantiated benefits can only attract people for a short time and create hatred for the business in the long run. Therefore, crafting accurate image of the business on the start is the best option. Moreover, you will want to sell more crypto opportunities, so portraying the correct image helps you to keep a large audience for some of your future projects. So often, I get on Facebook and other forums and find people exaggerating the benefits of a programme, in an unrealistic manner. This is just short-termism and does not help enough.


Let us focus on the message we pass to our audience. The message should be straight forward and easy to understand. There is no need to include many technical words, which can only be understood by a few experts. We are not writing for experts; we are presenting to newbies. It is best to present it in a way that creates a complete view of the product and the website. People usually want to know how to earn the cryptocurrencies and how to get the benefit – the cash. You may need to include the objective of the project and the business model. A comprehensive and well planned write up is better than a few sentences to attract and convince the people. That is why blog posts are the best means of advertising the business. We can then post our links to various social groups such as Facebook and Twitter. Where possible including videos helps to put across the message more appropriately.

One mistake which novices do is to create a few posts and expect great results. It does not work like that. As marketers of our crypto social projects we have to carry out massive campaigning through various medium. It is essential to spread the message of your business as wide as possible on a timely basis. Personally, I ensure that I put some posts on a daily basis. This ensures continuity and momentum. It is important to join many forums, groups and social websites to spread the word.  It is essential to use a wide variety of medium, ranging from medium, Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Telegram, Reddit to whatsapp, discord and many more. When we are part of these platforms we should create value for others we interact with by offering suggestions to their questions and comments. Other people should feel that you are sincerely interested in their activities, rather than appearing like passer-bys. Building relationships and networks is the best way to succeed. Our cryptosocial businesses are not different from the affiliate business that bloom on the internet. The marketing focus and principles are the same.

It is a good strategy to create content with value when interacting with others in the crypto space. Our write ups should benefit everyone else. This will attract more audience to look for your posts. Take your time to discuss with others on issues relating to the area of crypto social activities. It is equally vital to invite feedback from others, as far as possible. On the various forums you participate ensure that you give updates regularly, to keep your audience occupied and motivated. This should be particularly important for the platforms you administer. One should constantly manage their teams and groups by giving timely feedback.

What are the takeaways from this discussion? Now is the time to do self-introspection on our mode and means of communicating our messages. It is vital to study how other marketers are preaching the word rather than sticking to our own ways. If our ways are paying, then fair and fine. Research is always a key to success. Let us copy what is right and discard our old unpaying forms of advertising.

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