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I have one interesting question that I want to ask you right now, dear readers. What do you think is the most valuable thing in the crypto? Try to answer before I do. There is no doubt that it will be useful for everyone – otherwise why are you reading these lines now?

If you have already answered, then let’s check whether your opinion coincides with mine. In my deepest conviction, the most valuable thing in cryptocurrency is not the speed of transaction, or anonymity, or decentralization, or convenience in mutual financial operations or anything else.

I am absolutely sure that the most important thing in crypto world are people, enthusiasts, fans, amateurs, professionals and all those who believe in a crypto. They are those invincible hodlers who, despite everything, carefully keep the coins in which they have invested their labor, their time and their hopes.

You know what? I do not doubt for one second, not for a single moment that there is a great future ahead of cryptocurrency. Many more times there will be a “tothemoon” of Bitcoin and the Renaissance for all altcoins will surely happen one day.

At the same time, I absolutely do not care about all these charts, ratings, technical analysis, market conditions, the mood of institutional investors (damn them all!) and any other indicators. I know another, but also a very important secret called the Logic of History. The vector of development of society is always directed to the Future, and not to the Past. Cryptocurrency is the present and the future, and that is the reason for me to be calm as never before.

And for this very reason (unfortunately I have not done this before), in this short article, I want to express my gratitude to all my colleagues. I want to send “thanks” to all those people who, like me, believe in cryptocurrency, in technology, in the development of society, and not to those assholes who appear on TV and are pulling society back.

Thank you, guys. I don’t think that you have already won a lot in money, but you won in another – you have prepared for the Future and are trying to help doing that to your friends aтв relatives. And this is much more important.

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