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The new year has begun and it is perfect time to start a new career. I propose to make it in the first blockchain state Decenturion, where you can get DCNT coins earning it or getting it passively, beig a citizen. The following steps and the article Media and Curators could be done in order to start.

1, Visit website decenturion

2. Check the links in the bottom of the main page. There you will find an e-mail of Ministry of Labor. Apply there and you will get an application form.

3. Start working and making career.

The guidance is very simple isn’t it?

But… But if you are a crypto blogger, or if you have blog/website/group/channel with 1000+ users, I can propose you another way. But in this case mind, please, that you should speak English and one more (your native) to make a career in the Ministry of Information under my guidance.

All details and steps you can find here. Follow them and yoг will make your career in Decenturion.

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2 thoughts on “How to make a career in Decenturion

  1. I understand and trying to learning from you its new this ideas I try to be my career


    1. borishaifa says:

      OK, I will help you to get into things, Hoda.


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