The new year has begun and it is perfect time to start a new career. I propose to make it in the first blockchain state Decenturion, where you can get DCNT coins earning it or getting it passively, beig a citizen. The following steps and the article Media and Curators could be done in order to start.

1, Visit website and watch this video about Decenturion

2. Check the links in the bottom of the main page. There you will find an e-mail of Ministry of Labor. Apply there and you will get an application form.

3. Start working and making career.

The guidance is very simple isn’t it?

But… But if you are a crypto blogger, or if you have blog/website/group/channel with 1000+ users, I can propose you another way. But in this case mind, please, that you should speak English and one more (your native) to make a career in the Ministry of Information under my guidance.

All details and steps you can find here. Follow them and yoг will make your career in Decenturion.

1 Step – is the same as mentioned above.

2 Step – you should join my working group in Telegram (or find it in Telegram search @dcntmediaoffice ) and shortly introduce yourself (Name, Country)

Or you may join other working groups in different languages (English) Boris Siomin (Italian/English) Marco Cipriani (Bangla) Rakibul Hasan (Romanian/English) Cornell Gori (Shona) Mashell Chapeyama (English) Mashell Chapeyama (Tamil/English) John Robert (English, Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil) Vaibhav Sahu (English/Hindi) Akshat Kumar (German) Jonas Ahrens (English/Hindi) Rajat Rajan (Indonesian/English) Chaerul Andi Muhammad (English, Hindi, Punjabi) Rishabh Kapoor (English, Hindi, Punjabi) Rishabh Kapoor (English, Hindi, Punjabi) Rishabh Kapoor (English,Akan) Randy Coker (Portugal) Eduardo Alves da Costa (English/Bengali) Sanchita Dasgupta (English, Pilipino) Farah Celicious (Urdu, English) Amir Shahzad Jonas Altidor (Arabic, English, French) Haroun Rachid (English, Yoruba) Philip Smart (Turkish) Caner Aydin (Russian) Sergey Shkarapout (Arabic, English) Aziz Bahaddi (Swahili, English) Ruth Kamau (German, Russian) Ivan Rachlevskyi (Chewa, English) Stephen Ephraem (Portugal) Nandio Durao (French) Michel Taccola

3. You should represent your media for accreditation by means of this application form, complete it carefully and wait for results.

4. When it is approved for accreditation, you will be able to prepare for interview with Minister or Vice-Minister of Information (Telegram Chat/ Questions – Answers). To succeed in this interview, I recommend to read the Manifest and some more Decenturion State Media Regulation documents. Such as

Mass media

Regulations MOI (Ministry Of Information)

Rewarding System for Copuwriters and Translators

Rewarding System for Curators

5. After interview (I will help you to prepare to it) you can start working as media, or even as a curator of English/Your Native Language Direction.

You can also subscribe to Decenturion official news channels:

English – – moderator Nikolay Uryupin
Russian – – moderator Nikolay Uryupin
Italian – – moderator Marco Cipriani
German – – moderators Jonas Ahrens, Ivan Rakhlevskyi
Romanian – – moderator Cornel Gori
Hindi – – moderators Vaibhav Sahu, Akshat Kumar, John Robert, Sanchita Dasgupta, Rishabh Kapoor, Rajat Rajan
Banglo – – moderator Rakibul Hasan
Shona – – moderator Mashell Chapeyama
Yoruba – – moderators Philip Smart Kolawole, Am Beloved Maxwell, Arc Temitope
Arabic – – moderators Haroun Rachid, Aziz Bahaddi
Urdu – – moderator Amir Shahzad
Akan – – moderator Randy Coker
Chewa – – moderator Stephen Ephraem
Portugal – – moderators Eduardo Alves da Costa, Nandio Durao
Indonesian- – moderator Chaerul Andi Muhammad
Bengali – – moderator Sanchita Dasgupta
Myanmar – – moderator Kyi Naing
Pilipino – – moderator Farah Mae Celicious
Afrikaans – – moderator Abayomi Okemakinde
Singhala – – moderator Nipun Weerasuriya
Turkish – – moderator Caner Aydin
Swahili – – moderator Ruth Kamau
Spanish – – moderator Judith Fajardo
French – Michel – moderator Michel Taccola

Actual information

25 News Channels in 28 languages +++ 31 Working Groups in 27 languages