The human history shows that humanity has passed through many phases. It may be difficult to classify these phases. The dark age, the Renaissance, agricultural revolution and the industrial revolution are some of these phases. In the same vein, the world has witnessed many changes and innovations. Many proponents of democracy in the past were killed, but today those who are against democratic systems are the ones who are demonised. These changes started as ideas, with great resistance from some quarters. Now the world is on the edge of another revolution hinged on cryptocurrency and the blockchain – the adoption of the universal basic income. The emergence of the internet and the blockchain has made the idea of universal basic income an emerging theme. It is sad that some quarters of the world are still pondering whether or not to adopt cryptocurrencies. However, dreamers are far ahead already. The story of universal basic income cannot be separated from the issue of cryptosocial activities. In reality, these should gel. Let us first discuss the concept of universal basic income.


The universal basic income philosophy is that all citizens of the world should receive a basic income to allow them to meet their basic pressing needs and wants. Our basic needs include shelter, food, housing and education. Universal basic income should be a driver to end global wealth inequalities and to dignify human beings by allowing them to meet the basic needs for survival. On national levels, governments have tried to improve the welfare of their citizens by providing social assistance such as unemployment benefit. However, with the issue of decentralisation being topical, the trend suggests that the world needs universal basic income. Anyway, people of the world and countries have always cooperated to help those in need around the globe, through donations. However, with decentralisation, it is premised that help can go directly to the people in need without conditions and without middlemen. Cryptocurrencies will play a pivotal role in this proposition. Proponents of universal basic income suggest that donors and partners should pool their resources and distribute these to all citizens of the world through cryptocurrencies. Imagine people waiting to receive their tokens at the end of the month, irrespective of where they are, ready to buy their basic goods.


Universal basic income will serve many purposes globally. First, it is a reasonable and practical way to end poverty and human suffering. It will also help to stimulate economic activities in many countries. Normally, cryptocurrencies are not susceptible to inflation. One of the reasons why Satoshi Nakamoto invented the bitcoin was to try to stop global recessions that arise from financial instabilities. The adoption of multi-cryptocurrencies is most likely to achieve this goal. Another essence of universal basic income would be to cushion the impact of job losses that result from automation called technological unemployment. Decentralisation is aimed at the creation of economies that are independent of geographical location, as in the case of Decenturion and Empowr.

Although universal basic income has not been implemented on a global scale there are projects that are already underway, such as Mannabase and Basic token. These sites are already distributing daily tokens, under the umbrella of a universal basic token. Whether or not they will succeed is another story for another day.  Interested persons can join and claim their daily shares. Although bounties are not directly termed universal basic income projects, they help to improve the welfare of most people of the world, despite their location. Cryptosocial organisations are contributing to the global distribution of cryptocurrencies. The world is warming up for greater things that may happen in the future. Our participation in various cryptosocial activities goes a long way to prepare the world for the adoption of universal basic income. Remember human beings are being more humane than ever by putting their wealth, time and effort in helping to solve problems that mankind is facing.

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