Decenturion. Winter Heat

Cold winter is in the calendar. Weather proves it by all means. The only place that does not fit into this picture is the first blockchain-state Decenturion. For more than 16 years I have been an active Internet user, but have not yet seen such a hot and active construction on the Web.

Yes, of course, I came across very powerful and very interesting projects, in some of them I participated myself. But what’s happening today at Decenturion is something special. This is something new and exciting.

As with all new major projects in real life and online, there are also enough skeptics, haters, scammers and other human scum. But the fact is a fact, construction is underway, there are more and more enthusiasts, faith in the project is being strengthened.

I understand also that the “yellow vests” can be seen today with your own eyes. But I ask you? dear readers, not to think that they will drastically change something on our planet. In fact, “Macron and Company” just laugh at all this representation of little men.

Moreover, all these ideas are arranged by such people as Macron and his comrades in the world manipulation of human masses. These same comrades fix all sorts of regional conflicts, wars, and chronic political elections in order to feed the “people of the TV”.

Decenturion can be called whatever you want – utopia, hyip or something else depending on how much money will be paid to the manipulator trolls. But this is exactly what they fear the most – this is one of the embodiments of decentralization. Therefore, it is here today that the hottest work takes place.

Today there is a huge amount of informational chats and channels in many languages ​​of the world. I already wrote that new, very good people came to our Ministry of Information every day and even wrote for them a special instruction.

To be honest, I don’t even check bitcoin’s course every day, because it’s not so important to me today. One way or another, the world will switch to cryptocurrency, the logic of social development cannot be changed. But it is much more important to change something in your head, in your understanding of what is happening around and help others do it. That is why I am here, and that is why, despite the fact that winter is in calendar, in our Decenturion there is a real heat.

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