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Do you like insider information? OK, maybe I incorrectly formulated the question, I apologize. Let me ask you another way. Are you interested in exclusive information that relates to cryptocurrency forecasts? If your answer is “yes”, you can continue reading.

This article is addressed primarily to my readers and subscribers, which today are several hundred thousand in various social networks. It is possible that they are angry with me for the fact that I have been publishing little posts recently. Believe me, friends, I have very good reasons for this.

In addition, as you see, today I am sharing with you some secrets that will help you understand what is happening at the moment in the crypto market.

As you know, I very rarely make predictions. But this does not mean that my predictions are bad and you also know this very well. Today you will get a forecast, recommendations and, as I have already mentioned above, exclusive information. So here are my recommendations.

The first recommendation. As you have probably heard many times, bitcoin is a very “emotional” cryptocurrency. The ups and downs of bitcoin are directly dependent on the emotions of people who trade in the markets or mine on the farms. So, my emotional friends, I advise you not to buy BITCOIN TODAY. Why? It’s very simple, today nobody promotes bitcoin or goes crazy, as it was several years ago. Today everyone is just holding btc in the hope that one fine day it will fly “to the moon.” And, of course, it will fly one day, but you will never know the day of the start. At least for the reason that you are not in command of this market.

Recommendation Two. Invest in projects that have an “internal engine,” that has a team of psychos that promotes the project in non-stop way. As you know, I am currently working in one of these teams, which is included in the Ministry of Information of the world’s first blockchain-state Decenturion.

Recommendation Two. Buy and earn Decenturion tokens, because such projects are models of the future society. This is a dream (and already far from utopian!) Of millions of people, that want to get rid of… “you yourself know who.”

In any case, I am of course a very small person. But today, this information will be absolutely in all crypto social networks, as well as on many traditional social platforms. The initial media coverage of an audience is about half a million people. And tomorrow (or today??), this article will be translated into almost all the languages ​​of the world by members of my team, and will be spread to every corner of our planet. So, everything is very simple, isn’t it? This is how it works.

You know that once I was engaged in seo optimization, content promotion, SMM and SMO. Therefore, I recommend to my students this post as a sample of effective work. You can also see the results of this publication on the graph (the price of the token at the moment is 0.32 cents) of the mentioned above stock exchange.

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