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The majority of questions Ministry Information of Decenturion gets – concern to rewarding system. It is obvious. People work and they should get compensation for their labor.

Ministry of Information is one of the most important departments in Decenturion, that is why it has started working even in time when not all services work properly and not all elements of functional have been launched.

Decenturion is the first blockchain state, that is why many systems are working in alpha mode – but developers should understand what and how to implement. Steemet three years ago was a new blockchain project too and it also worked in alpha mode, but then hundreds of projects started to use its rewarding and curatorship system. I hope, this moment understand everyone.

Before starting with explanations and answering some FAQ questions I want to say, that it was announced, by founders of the project that labor of all citizens will be compensated. Yes, there is the difference between volunteering and official work. But I personally work all my free time in DC, as making world free of existing governments and banks I consider my personal life mission. that means part of my work I just do in order to invest into decentralization.

And now I want to answer some FAQ questions of my friends that I have invited to the project and to explain them how do I understand the rewarding system existing now in or department. Maybe it will be not actual in one-two-three months, after launching all processing elements, but now it is actual and important.

All media (owners of blogs/channels/websites/groups) and curators currently are rewarded according to the these main files.

Mass media
Regulations MOI (Ministry Of Information)
Rewarding System for Copuwriters and Translators
Rewarding System for Curators

So, that is why I will comment them.

1. How does the system works?

In our Ministry of Information we have a Senior Record Keeper Department, where all your information gets now. That is why it is very important to send everything to, writing in the title of the letter (Name, Surname, Date)

After that all information you sent is placed in common Excel File – with the name Accreditation And Publications. After that, every publication and information is thoroughly analyzed by our Control Quality Department. Specialists of this department mark information, that is relevant to Requirements (they are mentioned in working files) by green color. If it is not relevant – content producers and media owners are informed about the reasons.

After the end of calendar month specialist from coding team, make accruals according to green color pointed items from monthly budget of Ministry of Information to personal citizens’ of Decenturion accounts.

That is how the system works. And mind, please, that all that is calculated after the calendar month is ended. So if you started doing something in the middle, for example, you should wait the full reward only then.

2. How are working citizens rewarded?

Working citizens (media, curators, clerks etc.) are rewarded according to the Rewarding System prices, according to the current official rating of DCNT token. All stakes are calculated in dollars, but are paid in DCNT token equivalent only.

Minimal official price for the DCNT token currently is 9.78$ in dollar equivalent . That means every 97.8 dollars are 10 tokens DCNT.

Official processing system has been in the process of launching and it is very hard to say exactly when it will be implemented – in a week, in a month, or in two. But all specialists are working hard and even spend their own time to launch it.

I wouldn’t recommend to go to gray and black markets in internet, where DCNT token is traded currently. The price there is very low and the main source of tokens – is money that were got by fraudsters. That means, if we speak bout Ministry of Information, by people who were the first media owners (not all of them!) before creating the Quality Content Department. Such people were in other departments too, so this way tokens got into gray and black markets.

After official launching of processing system – the situation will obviously change and the price of the token will ne much more higher. So, if you want to get more, I would recommend to be patient. We build the blockchain state, but not a crypto coin faucet.

3. What is the difference between DCNT classic and DCNT liquid?

DCNT liquid, that is traded in exchange HotBit for example, as I was informed, is practically the same as DCNT classic. But DCNT liquid token was a pert of DCNT classic that was transferred to Cryptomomics Capital fund for motivation of early investors.

Everyone knows what happened with BTC market in the last year. I suppose, that the majority of tokens where converted into bitcoin, and that is why there was such a fall of price. Cryptomomics Capital is now in the process of regulation of its obligations with investors, so it should not influence on the current activity in Ministry of Information. We have been waiting for implementation of official processing. Then it will be possible to transfer money to stock exchange and to convert it into bitcoins or even fiat.

Currently, these are the most frequently asked questions and I answered them as I understand the situation. I hope, that now you have better understanding of the situation. And mind, that if you don’t ask questions – you can not get an answer.

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