In the modern world, there are many ways in which people can keep their wealth. It is common to keep wealth in form of assets such as houses and vehicles. The emergence of the blockchain resulted in the emergence of a new way to keep wealth. Wealth can now be kept in terms of cryptocurrencies. All the wealth you store in cryptocurrencies can be referred to as crypto assets. In simple terms, a crypto asset refers to cryptocurrency that someone has. A person can increase the volume of cryptocurrencies that one holds through buying them or generating them. In terms of cryptosocial activities, crypto assets can be increased by being engaged in multiple practices that generate them. Well, someone can even focus attention on a single means of generating the currency. This article explores various means of increasing one’s crypto assets.


There are two ways in which a person earns from blogging. However, this discussion focuses on how to earn cryptocurrencies from blogging. Usually, these blogs are part of social media platforms such as Hyperspace, Steemit, Bitlanders and Markethive. There are many more such blogging platforms. In these platforms, a writer earns for performing various tasks which include posting articles, commenting on other people’s articles or posts, voting (curating). Virtually, everything one does on the platform may result in earning crypto coins.


Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing system involves inviting people to join a certain platform and be paid in cryptocurrency. Affiliate marketing can also be called a referral system. Many bloggers and other social media influencers earn from this. There are many crypto-based programs that allow people to earn from inviting others. They are paid commissions based on the earnings of the invitees. OmniBazaar, Empowr and Markethive, for example, pay people for inviting others.



People can increase their earnings of crypto coins by doing micro-tasks on cryptosocial sites. A micro-task is an activity that can be accomplished in a very short period of time. Such activities are diverse including taking surveys, watching videos, research on the site and clicking ads. Posting videos and mini-articles may result in payment as well. At Markethive, for example, a person is paid just for logging in, reading other people’s articles and commenting. When you link your other social sites to it you get paid.


Games and gambling

These two rhyming words point to other ways of earning cryptocurrencies online. There are many sites where you earn cryptocurrencies for playing games or lottery. Games are part of our social lives. We enjoy and earn at the same time. Some games allow people to form some leagues and compete and earn. The outstanding features of games and gambling are that they can be done on smartphones.




E-commerce is about online businesses where products are services are bought and sold. I deal with crypto-based e-commerce stores, such as OmniBazaar. I sell my second-hand products. I also sell my services such as proof-reading. I get money from the sale of my products. However, I also benefit from profit sharing scheme they offer for my active participation. Some of these e-commerce sites that pay in crypto coins have some social media features such as live chats, messaging and video creation.

Advertising company products

There are a number of companies seeking to be advertised. These include decentralised companies such as Decenturion. Everyone has the potential to earn from it. However, to work for Decenturion, you need to be a writer of any native language of your country, apart from English and Russian. There are two options to join Decenturion, which are by special Invitation or direct referral joining. When you join directly you have to pay a sum of money. If you join by special invitation, then you do not pay. At Decenturion you can earn from mentoring others, coaching and social advertisement of the company and its affiliates.


It is my hope that you have appreciated how someone can increase his/her crypto assets through their involvement in some decentralised platforms. The fact remains true, that there are so many of such sites. The few I have listed are just a pure guideline.

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