Entrepreneurs face many challenges in their journey to prosperity. Most of the business people face the challenges of stable or strong finance base. However, it is not finance only that is becoming a threat to business people. Our mind-set is also becoming a major threat especially to online businesses.

I have seen people who have been in affiliate and multilevel marketing businesses who have struggled for a long time ending up resigned from their road to success. Their main enemy is the problem of shining object syndrome.  This problem has hindered people from participating in CryptoSocial activities. I was heavily affected by this too. The sooner I realised my problem the better I solved it. Now I am more willing to pass the message to others.

The shining object syndrome is derived from the behaviour that we adopt as children. I remember when playing, a child doesn’t get satisfied with what is in his/her hands but is easily attracted by shining objects from somewhere.

When a child sees a new shining object that is possessed by another, s/he is easily attracted to the new shining object which s/he thinks is better that the one already in his/her possession. Thus a child can easily hop from one shining object to another. This same syndrome affects business people and particularly online entrepreneurs.

According to business analysts, the shining object syndrome mainly affects entrepreneurs because of their inherent attributes. They normally expend their energies and focus on innovations and technology. With today’s technologically addicted entrepreneurs hop from one innovation to another and crave for some more. Such entrepreneurs usually chase one project after another, as they search for more profitable business ventures.

The shining object syndrome is a disadvantage to many online business people since they will not stick long enough to a line of business to realise the proceeds from it. New comers to online business are more susceptible to move from one internet program to another. Some may even opt to tackle many programs at once, which may tire them without benefitting any of the many programs

The reasons for shifting from one business idea to another can be explained as a lack of decision making capability of a person. In business, particularly online business it is best to stick to a programme until it pays.

In the crypto space, it is best to choose a few business opportunities and follow them than chasing to many birds and end up catching none. As entrepreneurs, be on the outlook for many shining objects which can leave one with lost hope.