Today, we will get into details of some very specific topic. We will analyze what do functions “media” and “curator” mean in the Ministry of Information mean. But, I have to underline – we speak about the CURRENT situation. As you know, probably, Decenturion is now in it’s new phase, new period of state building and information should be updated regularly. I will try to do it in this article, in order you could follow the changes, dear readers.

First of all, being a Senior Media Curator in this amazing project, I have my own goal, or my own mission, if you like. By the way, it is not from my life mission – which is to help the world in getting read of governments, banks and other unnecessary garbage of Past.

So, in order to control the situation in the world media space, according to my personal calculation, we need 650 curators and 100 broadcasting news channels in all main languages of the world. It is not an unreal task, and to my mind this task could be realized completely to the end of 2019 year. We already have a few dozens of curators and 1 channels in about 20 languages. So if all mechanisms of the system work properly, I don’t see any serious obstacles on the way.

And now let’s clarify for ourselves and our potential colleagues functions of media and functions of curators.

Media. Put simply, these are all that blogs/websites/groups/channels in the Web, that are suitable to Requirements.

Requirements could be found here, in this file. That means, if you want to be a partner of Decenturion and to work as a freelancer, you should have your own media. If you have a very strong desire to work as media, but don’t have any (and your country or language have not been presented in the list of working groups or channels of Decenturion) you may apply to your curator or to me, and we will help you to create, or to get an existing one.

If your country is “a new” in the list, you may become one of the moderators of your language channel and get “your own media” this way, because all information that is translated in national language channels could be considered as copy paste or translation too.

So, it is not so big problem to become a media in the Ministry of Information of Decenturion.

If you have decided to be one, you should also to read very attentively another regulating document that helps a lot in work.

Also, you must join any of the existing working groups and subscribe to any suitable news channel. The majority of groups and channels are mentioned in this article, or you may join my group in Telegram for people, who understand English.

There you can get answers to any of your questions and get any relevant and actual information too.

Curators. They are not freelancers, but people, who help media and organize the working process. Every curator should create his own working group. He invites to this group media from his location, from his region and in one of the languages spoken there. This person trains, explains, solves all the issues and cares about spreading correct information about first blockchain state to a definite part of the world (country). Put simple, curator cares about informational stream to a certain region.

That is why, it is important for a curator to find many suitable to Requirements blogs/websites/groups/channels as possible.

The work and rewording system of curators’ work is provided by this document, and everyone should learn it before getting into things.

Citizenship. It is very serious question. Everyone, who plans to work as media or as curator in Decenturion, must have citizenship. Information about getting citizenship is published on the website But you also can buy it by much lower prices in the market of Ministry of Information, that was created especially for people, who plan to work in Ministry of Information of Deceturion. Also people, who work or to plan working in Ministry of Information in some cases can get citizenship free according to promotions aтв some special offers of acting members of the Ministry.

Also, much information could be get in chat of Ministry of Information, that was created exactly on this purpose.

PS. If you ask about my personal media – I can share my own list of networks and list of groups, that I had created some time ago.

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