DCNT coin and DCNT token

Today I will try to express my own, my personal vision and understanding of DCNT coin or DCNT token.

Past. The idea of creating the first blockchain state in the was very attractive. It is still very popular in crypto world and thousands of people join the project every day.

To my mind, it is impossible to create a state and not to make any mistakes. But the majority of mistakes was made exactly in financial sphere of Decenturion blockchain state and they influenced the image of the project significantly.

Besides financial mistakes there were two more negative factors – serious fall of Bitcoin in 2018 in all the markets and a big number of fraudsters that used the idea of first blockchain state for their tricks at initial stage.

I will not tell you all the details (I don’t know them for sure), but I hope, that we will get the real information about the history of creation and implementation of DCNT coin.

Present. The situation with DCNT coin, gradually becomes more and more optimistic. On the one hand Cryptonomics Capital fund has started to pay compensations to early investors. On the other hand, the serious changes in the team management, turned all the process of state development and its’ financial system to the better.

Now we have the official minimal price of DCNT classic coin – 9.78 (in dollars equivalent), by means of which are made payments to all official employees and workers of all ministries of the state. I am sure, that soon all of them start getting official job contracts, as without such documents it will be not possible to work.

The price of DCNT token has started raising too. Currently it is about 1,5 (in dollars equivalent) sometimes even reaching the point 3.00 at stock exchange.

One more very important moment. Though the situation is stabilizing rapidly, it is not possible currently to transfer DCNT tokens from personal account in Decenturion to any stock-exchange. It is not allowed until the situation around token becomes completely safe.

But now it is possible to exchange, that means to send tokens to other accounts and pay for citizenship by VISA card.

Also, employees of Decenturion can exchange earned DCNT classic tokens to citizenship. That means every owner of DCNT classic tokens can pay by 1 token for citizenship of anyone else.

For example, in our Ministry of Information we have our own Market https://t.me/dcntstore where it is possible to get citizenship for only 20 dollars (1 DCNT classic token) instead of official price 112 dollars.

This token will be taken from personal account of employee as soon as he sends his invitation link to anyone else. And employee himself can discuss the conditions (currency, way of payment etc.) with a new potential citizen.

And as you know probably, now it is impossible to work at any Ministry of Decenturion, to get passive profit from start-up tokens or trade them etc., if you are not a citizen of Decenturion.

Future. It is very hard to predict how the situation will change in future. But I am sure, that DCNT coin and Decenturion state will develop rapidly and its financial system will be strengthen significantly. At least, the new team-management of the project does everything for that.

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