Project yellA

You are probably surprised by the fact, dear readers, that my articles did not appear for so long in the news feed? Believe me, there were serious reasons for this.

I do not even know what exactly I can tell you today about the new project, so I have to be very careful.

Nevertheless, I will try to make sure that you have at least a minimal idea of ​​this.

So, yellA is a new international decentralized media project, which quite possibly will become one of the most interesting ICOs in 2020. However, it is also quite possible that this ICO will be closed.

The main task of the project is the information coverage of the entire crypto media space. I personally really hope that the crypto media space will be the most important in the near future.

And now a few words about the team. This project was developed by cryptowriters and cryptobloggers from different countries. In the final version, it will include up to a thousand participants, who will represent almost all countries of the world and write in all existing languages.

I don’t even know what I can tell in this post, so I just recommend following the #yellA hashtag to all those who are interested in this topic. I think more news will come later.

I also recommend subscribing to my blogs and information channels in order to not miss anything interesting.

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