The strategic basis of Decenturion

When I started involved in online business, I used to face a question I could not answer easily. The question usually came from my close associates and family members. The question was: Where does the money come from to pay you, from the internet? Even today, when I invite people to join Decenturion, the same question has come about many times. I hope I will answer this on behalf of Decenturion.

It is always difficult to give a comprehensive answer to this question to an internet business newbie. I could answer from the marketing perspective, which the people seem to understand. The one way I convinced one of my close associates was by saying: “You can only understand spiritual things if you have a spiritual eye.” Since this person is a pastor, he understood what I was saying. All he understood was that it was possible to get the income. But that, at that particular time, he lacked some certain essential information. So he joined the program and he is still part of the program. FAITH plays a big role in what we do, particularly if one is new to a situation.  Dealing with any project, like Decenturion requires some faith when one starts. When someone gets in full gear he smiles.

After considering the questions posed by my invitees to Decenturion, it took me time to create a convincing explanation of the essence of Decenturion. The explanation that Decenturion is the first decentralised state, is great to cryptocurrency and blockchain heavyweights. This is not very comprehensible and appreciable to newbies.

For newbies to say that Decenturion is a digital state, with ministries, departments, civil servants and its currency may even complicate things. I prefer taking it as a large international organisation, open to everyone to be a member and participate in it and benefit economically. Its citizens are individuals with an interest in the business. There are also newly established big business ventures called start-ups that are part of Decenturion, responsible for part of the investment. The focus of Decenturion is business, investment, cryptocurrencies, innovation entrepreneurship and citizenship. When you have citizenship where you are taken care of you get security and peace of mind. Remember, Decenturion offers the possibility of being the state/nation with the highest level of standard of living. You wouldn’t let the opportunity to be a member pass by.


Start-ups benefit in a way many crypto companies benefit by undertaking huge airdrops and bounties. However, the start-ups in Decenturion have a greater footing in that they are focusing on a large, ready market of entrepreneurs and investors from all over the globe. A start-up that joins Decenturion benefit from the efforts that have been done over years in building social platforms and media personnel to distribute large volumes of information about a business within a very short space of time. Decenturion has created this worldwide network, enabling start-ups instant successes.

When the start-up joins Decenturion it distributes free coins to citizens in the same way that many crypto companies do during the initial coin offering (ICO) period. By distributing free crypto coins, the start-ups benefit from unprecedented awareness of its products and their coins. The supply of their coins increases leading to high trade volumes at the exchange when the coins are introduced.

The residents (individuals only) benefit in a way similar to how people benefit from crypto bounty programs. Cryptocurrencies are distributed to various Decenturion citizens who have various capacities such as media, curators, clerks, ministers and mentors. However, to create a fair distribution system of start-up coins, Decenturion has its own benchmarks, created by its distributed internal currency called DCNT. The tokens of start-ups are distributed in a pro rata system based on the number of DCNT that each individual citizen has and the role he/she plays in the Decenturion economy. The roles may be shown by the multipliers established.

Who is benefitting from the other– start-ups or individuals?

The answer is simple. This is a win-win situation. The start-ups benefit from huge promotional programmes as well as a large customer base (buyers) for their cryptocurrencies. There is a benefit for individuals in holding their coins, in a speculative way as well as part of staking. Individuals benefit from the new coin distribution programmes based on the volume of the internal tokens they have.

Is really Decenturion strategic for start-ups and individuals?

Decenturion is really strategic. The success of any cryptocurrency is achieved when there are many promoters and supporters. The Decenturion family is a large base of supporters and promoters of newly introduced cryptocurrencies (of start-ups). During the introduction and adoption phases, the tokens (coins) reach out widely and are adopted in a similar manner. This pushes up their value within a short time. The higher the value of the token, the more funds the start-ups get. Also, the demand for the new cryptocurrency is guaranteed by many buyers within the Decenturion community.

Any start-up that joins as a citizen of Decenturion becomes part of the community. When it introduces its currency, the citizens take the currency as their own, thus there is ownership. The social campaigns undertaken by the Decenturion community will ensure that there is a wide scale of awareness of the new cryptocurrency. In itself, Decenturion is a very large network, unrivalled, which is able to spread awareness of the new start-up and their coins.

You have seen how Decenturion is strategic to start-ups. Now see how strategic to the individual citizens. Everyone who is part of Decenturion has a chance to earn income. You earn as an active participant, holding various roles such as media, curators, mentors and many others. By joining and becoming a citizen an individual has taken a critical strategic position to be financially stable and to create wealth for oneself.

In the beginning, I said, “a spiritual person sees spiritual things with a spiritual eye.” By looking at Decenturion with a crypto enthusiast’s eye, you can see the vision and the benefits. They are not hidden. They are only hidden to perennial pessimists. The investor, the trader, the new business and the citizen have something to be proud of.

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  1. Incredible. Thank you for sharing this article for us ( members), The text is clear and understandable. I got it

  2. What has happened to Decenturion? Do you know? The web site is down even though the domain name is still registered. No activity in over six months and the token has been delisted from HitBTC?

    • I don’t know, John. I have stopped my activity there half a year ago. The idea was brilliant, but the realization was awful.

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