The advent of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency has brought many opportunities for intelligent and futurist thinkers and investors. At the same time not every good thing is classified as right by everyone.  

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are not understood easily by everyone who comes across their terms especially in the first encounter. It common in people that whenever a new business product or concept is launched, many people become skeptic to be associated with such.

Causes for people’s skeptism vary from person to another but most reasons hang around traditional way of doing business. Most people are used to invest in businesses that are run by a visible trader who deals with them in person or through his/her representatives. Customers are used to businesses that have a physical address, physical phone numbers and image. The issue of doing business online, especially blockchain is something else.

Another issue that deter people from associating themselves with blockchain and cryptocurrencies is fraud. Many people have been defrauded by physical people in business that they have lost trust to new ventures. They tend to reason that if a physical person can make them lose money, isn’t it that their chances of being defrauded by online business is very high.

The other problem is that when traditional businesses find out that they are being competed by fresh initiatives, they might be tempted to deliberately spread negative information about the new comers in order to deter prospective customers from doing business with the incoming investors. Negative media hype cannot be underrated and is so damaging.

This is when crypto writers are needed. Crypto writers work very hard to give responsible information about blockchain. Their main target is to put correct information about blockchain into the mainstream business circles.

It requires intelligent brains to counter or to analyse negative media hype as well as to convince a mind that has been made to believe that lies are the truth. A writer has to fight two battles, the first to neutralise the affected mind then secondly, to bring the negative mind to positive.

This role of positive crypto writing is usually won by scribes who have talent in educating masses.  Long history of writing or blogging is not an automatic qualification of a good crypto writer.

How a writer can explain to newbies terms that are associated with concepts like decentralization, blockchain and cryptocurrencies is very important to achieve getting people to accept the blockchain technology.