1000 dollars experiment

I don’t even know what to start with and how to explain what I am planning to do. But anyway, I have taken the decision and can not back down now.

As you see, this post is called 1000 dollars experiment. What all that is about?

The matter is I had a dispute with my wife. She knows perfectly well, that I am a big fan of crypto, and especially crypto social networks.

A plan to earn a lot of their tokens, and then, when the world completely transfers to crypto, I will have a kind of my own Universal Basic Income.

I thunk, everyone understands now – that this is logical way of historical development, especially if you mean technological aspect.

But my wife doesn’t want to wait the “lucky realization of my charming dreams” she prefers to get fiat today. She is right and I understand her perfectly too.

That is why, I will try to earn at least 1000 dollars monthly by means of various freelancer and micro works websites… in three month.

I am not a newcomer in internet, I have been here since 2003 and I understand, that this experiment can take a few months until I will reach the goal. That is why i give to myself – 3 months, up to the beginning of summer 2019.

Sure, I am starting the project, that I have called #1KFiat not from zero point. I have already the list of my media https://levelnaut.com/2019/02/22/my-media/ but the sphere of freelancing and micro working is a kind of virgin lands for me.

So, I will write this microblog #1KFiat in English, but with immediate translation into Russian too, as many of my readers and subscribers are Russian-speakers.

Also, I would be glad to get your comments, advices and recommendations, in order to achieve the goal the most effective way.

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  1. i have read your post on hyperspace,,wow nice dream super idea,, my pray with you

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