We all own the world. There have been many changes going on for millennia, centuries and decades. Failure by certain quarters of the populace to take part has led to the current state of global wealth inequalities.

For example, I cry for my beloved continent Africa because we are victims of being backbenchers in industrialisation and development. With cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology, my hope is that balance will be struck one day, no matter how long it may take.

Balance in the standard of living, income and wealth redistribution, from my point of view, can be achieved through the use of blockchain technology.

The following are blockchain based initiatives we can take part for our own benefit and the benefit of mankind.

Being part of the first decentralised state

Decenturion is the first decentralised state. This means that all the functions of the state are run by the citizens. Citizens make most of the decisions if not all. The state has its own ministries, passports, currency and workers. Everyone who is part of Decenturion State earns an income for being a citizen. Decenturion aims to have the highest standard of living for its citizens than any other nation.

More information on Decenturion.

YellA Agency- Decentralised Promotional Agency

Marketing and promotional efforts have been decentralised as well. YellA agency is the first decentralised promotional organisation. It has its agents and members across the globe. Any business or individual that want to promote a business or event can reach out to YellA. The material, thus, will be promoted (broadcast) around the world within a short period of time.

YellA has experienced marketers, writers, agents, blockchain specialists and many more. You as an individual can benefit in either way. You can bring your business and its products for effective promotion. Or you can join as an agent and earn income. Read more at YellA Agency.

Decentralised Marketplace

A decentralised marketplace is a place where you can buy or sell products without a middleman. You communicate directly with the seller or the buyer. There are no costs or very low costs for selling your products. You, even have an incentive to earn free tokens from the platform, which you can cash out. There are many decentralised marketplaces including OmniBazaar and Empowr.

Decentralised social platforms

Decentralised social platforms maintain user privacy. When you contribute articles or any other content you get paid, depending on how popular your articles or videos are. You can create communities and groups in some of the decentralised social media. You can see a list of some of these here.

Decentralised exchanges

There are crypto exchanges that are decentralised too. With these exchanges, you connect directly with the seller or buyers of cryptocurrencies. The platform you work on gives escrow and arbitration services among others. One of the advantages of decentralised exchanges is that people from countries where governments ban cryptocurrencies can trade there. Some examples are Remitano and LocalEthereum.

Decentralised browsers

This is one of the recent development of cryptocurrency and blockchain. There are browsers which are decentralised. This means that your data is secure and your privacy is highly maintained. One such browser is Brave browser. Apart from secure data, this browser stops unnecessary pop-ups and ads. They are good at preventing phishing and malware. With this browser, you do not need ad blockers.

We are only a few years since the full adoption of the blockchain technology and we wait for more invention. The best thing to do is to keep our ears on the ground to get more developments.