A Poll For You

This Poll is For You. I worked it out specifically for working with the group BestCrypto on Telegram.

What is it for? The fact is that this form will help me and you to save time and not show negative emotions when they are absolutely not needed.

As you already know, our team works with different projects, but I do not always understand the reason for the silence of partners. Now we will find out. If I do not receive your answer within a month, it means … you simply do not appear on the Telegram and then I can remove you from the group without any remorse of conscience, so as not to create the appearance of a large number of people.

So, here is a list of questions, when answering which you only need to choose the appropriate letter to answer my personal appeal to you in Telegram.

The appeal looks like this.

A Poll for you (Name). – Please tell me what you can say about your participation in the project (here the name of the project)

A – This project is interesting and I will definitely join it as soon as possible. I will inform you about this within a week.

B – This project is interesting, but I unfortunately do not have free money to join it. I am sure that I will work in it, but at the moment – the main problem is the money for joining.

C – I’m not interested in this project. Although the rest of the projects that BestCrypto offers for work are interesting. So I would like to stay in the group and follow the further development of events.

I want to remind everyone one more time. In that case, my friends, if you did not answer this questionnaire within a month (from the moment of the invitation to answer it in Telegram), I will be forced to remove you from the BestCrypto group. There are many other people who are interested in everything that we do, they need our attention and they are constantly on the Telegram. Thank you for understanding!

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