Whenever a revolution is taking place, there are always mixed feelings about the development. This leads to negative and positive narrations about the new progress. But the thing I noted for a long is that those with a negative mindset and also those who are good at misleading others are the most vocal. Reasons for doing so may vary but they hang on trying to protect their territory or interest.

The weakness that many readers tend to do is to take anyone much vocal to be the person to trust and follow without taking time to analyse issues. A lot of people have lost that way.

It is also dangerous for investors to just follow the crowd without putting into consideration that facts should be sift from myth. The coming of the blockchain revolution has attracted much myth, lies and negative media hype. It is no doubt that a lot of mainstream traditional media channels have covered the blockchain revolution on a negative note.

Newbies are caught in the situation. They may be bombarded with a lot of negative information that they end up confused on who to follow and who to avoid. One issue that newbies should do is not to give attention to any creature that makes noise on their way. It’s easy to get distracted than to get back on track.

Newbies may come across so many attractive investment deals by crypto dealers who emerge now and again. One should be careful not to just jump into anything that is offered to them. Careful consideration is required in order for a new investor to be able to get real business. It is usually better to stick to one line of business for a reasonable period before jumping to the next. That way one can acquire amble time to analyse his/her investment.

Also, fraudsters take advantage of investors who are quick to migrate from one line of business to another without anlaysing facts. It will be difficult for one to be able to analyse facts when s/he lazy to do research. If one takes time to do research on any opportunity offered by new blockchain dealers, the more s/he safeguards oneself from potential fraudsters. If it means that it is a new investor who is giving offers in his or her personal capacity, it is usually safe to do background check on such people. Just trusting somebody for the sake of trust will definitely yield unwanted results, bad investment or worse still loss of investment.