Levelnaut is a website owned by Boris Siomin, a crypto enthusiast. On Levelnaut there is a lot of information on cryptosocial activities, networks, projects and groups.

Cryptosocial networks are social networks built on the blockchain. Most of these crypto social platforms give users the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency. So, Levelnaut is a hub of information on cryptosocial networks and groups. It is popularly referred to as a Cryptosocial University. It is like a university in that it offers detailed information on social networks that are based on the blockchain.

On Levelnaut you get information on various types of cryptosocial networks, for example, those dealing with games, music, sport, education, basic income and affiliate programs. Some platforms that deal with cryptosocial activities are accessible on smartphones. You also find information on various crypto-related projects.

For instance, you find information on educational crypto networks. These are platforms where people can learn about crypto-related issues. Apart from learning they stand a chance to earn.

There is also a list of affiliate programs of crypto networks and question and answer platforms. You also find information on crypto freelance. The point I am making is that Levelnaut website is loaded with information about many crypto social activities, networks and groups. As you know, some of these networks and platforms offer huge earning opportunities.

There is also information on how interested people can become professional crypto writers. You, too, can learn how to earn from your blogs and microblogs. There is a lot of information about blogging sites where people earn cryptocurrency for their articles, pictures and videos.

It is a website where crypto lovers, enthusiasts, specialists or fans can visit to acquaint themselves with changes taking place in the crypto social world. One good thing is that anyone can become a writer at Levelnaut.

Levelnaut is offering groundbreaking information. For example, My media.