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Этот же текст на русском языке вы можете найти здесь.

By the last time we have started a lot of new projects, and this fact allows us to make the following conclusion.

Nowadays life is so complicated, that it is hard to take part in one project only. Unfortunately, too many of crypto projects fail. It is not a big surprise, crypto sphere is still a new concept and that is why it is not stable enough.

Anyway, there are some suitable forms of team-work, and at least we can check the best offers and opportunities together and share them in our BestCrypto group in Telegram.

If you want to join our group, you can check the best projects that we discuss or share your own information, but before joining read the group description and rules in the pinned post there.

If you are a newcomer in the sphere of cryptocurrency, you can start your way in the interesting world from this article and than ask questions in the Best Crypto group.

We should avoid here – the usual spam. That is why – we can share any links – but obligatory to guide/lead/explain/help other group members and patiently answer their “howto” questions.

Members that only place links without explanations will be banned in order to avoid spam. We have enough moderators, but if you want to be one more – feel free to contact admin @borishaifa and to inform about it.

In addition, we try not to publish information about new faucets, buxes and other “cheap” projects, since a sufficient number of them are already mentioned in Crypto ABC and if someone wants to actually get initial capital, he can do it easily with those projects that we already have on the list.

The main criteria for the selection of projects for BestCrypto contains Manifest, which was specifically worked out to ensure a long-term stable activity.

In addition, we have a special section on the Levelnaut website, where We are testing new, the most attractive and most relevant projects.

And of course, you can invite your friends to our community too. The more information we have, the more successful we are as a team. And finally, if you want to become a real leader of crypto networking, you can join our project CryptoNetleader on this website.

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